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Our focus is to develop effective and highly effective practices in questioning and discussion techniques to strengthen and build conversational and academic language knowledge.​

Bell Schedule

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7:25 am - 8:02 am

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10:29 am - 11:14 am


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After School Times Vary

Instructional Absolutes

1. Learning Objectives/Learning targets- Every lesson, every class must have an individual L.O. Here we ask that teachers use...."by the end of the lesson SWBAT" (students will be able to).

2. Notice and Note strategies across all classrooms.

3. Word Gen across all classrooms to build vocabulary. (word wall, weekly Word Gen protocol)

4. Use of Questioning and Discussion strategies across all classrooms. (foster student discourse to build understanding and high order thinking)

5. Task Driven lessons to engage students to deepen thinking (productive struggle).


Our focus is to improve teacher capacity centered around question and discussion strategies across all classrooms, in order to support each student’s ability in demonstrating independence, building strong content knowledge and understand other perspectives and cultures through designing effective lessons to support student achievement.

English Language Arts

Literacy is the linchpin for all subjects. 

Math and Science

The mission of the Math and Science departments are to provide rigorous, immersive, student-centered instruction with highly rated curriculum. Empower students to take risks through investigative tasks that require students to productively struggle. And to feel safe to take those risks to deepen their understanding.



The ENL Department believes in providing an environment that is conducive to learning so that ELLs can reach English proficiency in all 4 modalities in 3-5 years and feel comfortable making mistakes so that they can grow from them.

Social Studies

Learning about the world at large is essential to prepare students for life in the 21st century.


The music department is dedicated to providing meaningful musical experiences to any student who desires to study music, regardless of previous experience. 

Physical Education

Physical Education Mission is to give all students the necessary skills and knowledge to perform various physical activities and techniques. Upon mastering these activities and techniques students will be able to assess and instruct their peers to improve performance.


The study of Spanish is a cultural experience as well as a linguistic adventure at Goddard.


The Technology program at Goddard is driven by the goal of creating good digital citizens that use technology creatively for good.


The exploration of self through the media of art is what drives the art program at MS 202. Students learn various means of self expression through the application of art.

Social Emotional 

The Social Emotional well being of the students at MS 202 is championed through our SEL classes.


Our approach to teaching is based on the most current standards based research. We are in Phase II of the Next Generation Standards roll out. In teacher teams we are unpacking the purpose of each standard and applying it to our classes for complete implementation by Fall 2020. To learn more click on the buttons below for New York State Next Generation ELA and Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards.

NY State Next Generation ELA Learning Stanadards Link to Implemetation Timeline




HS Prep & Testing



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