Parents » 09/09/2022 Family Back To School Letter From Principal Fitzgerald

09/09/2022 Family Back To School Letter From Principal Fitzgerald

MS 202 rocket logoRobert H. Goddard Middle School 202

138-30 Lafayette Street Ozone Park, NY 11417

P:718-848-0001 Fax:718-848-8082


William M. Fitzgerald, Principal

Assistant Principals:  Kelly Barton, Jason Lloyd, Kye Weaver, Leigh Ann Cromie (IA) 





September, 2022


Greetings MS 202 Families!


Below is key information and dates to get us started for the 2022-2023 school year. Please take a few minutes and go through the info including all the links. 


Our Back to School Night will be Thursday, Sept 22nd. The NYCDOE has informed principals this meeting will be virtual. We will share links and start/end times as we approach this event. 

Health and Safety

  • Health screening no longer required
  • No more random COVID testing.
  • Masks are optional for both students and staff.
  • School is still responsible to report positive COVID cases.
  • No more quarantining “close contact” staff and students. 
  • Ventilators are in every classroom.  
  • Custodial staff clean the building every night. Specific concentration to any room or area whenever a positive case has been identified.


Blue Cards/Emergency Contact information.


Please make sure this card is completed immediately. The information should be entered by the student's legal guardian for your child. All numbers and emergency contacts must be current and made aware they will be listed on the card in the event the school calls for an emergency. If you change your cell phone number, please notify us and we can update your information.  All official address changes need to be made in person and entered by our school Pupil Accounting Secretary. 

Arrival and Dismissal 


Breakfast begins at 7:30-8:00 AM daily. Attendance/homeroom begins at 8 AM. Instructional school hours are 8:00 to 2:20 PM (M-F). Grade 6 will be dismissed in the school yard. Grade 7 will be dismissed on the side entrance of 149th Ave. Grade 8 is dismissed out the front door on Lafayette Street. Cars should not park or double park in front of the building at dismissal. This creates traffic and the MTA buses cannot reach the front of the building to pick up students who are waiting.  MTA buses will be in front of the building at every dismissal (unless it’s a half day). The buses picking students (in the front of our school) is a courtesy from the MTA. Please remind everyone to act appropriately when riding the bus.  Other members of the public ride the same buses. Students who walk home should walk in groups. Always be respectful of our neighbors and neighborhood. Students will be reminded not to walk on anyone's property or touch the personal property of neighbors.


Discipline code/Yondr Contract:  


Students and parents will receive this year's code of conduct, along with our Yondr policy. Parents and students are responsible to review the document together. Deans will be collecting these from every student. It is important for everyone to understand the rules and discipline policies for students who attend NYCDOE schools. This includes bullying and student to student sexual harassment. 


School Wide Discipline code:

MS 202 Discipline code/Yondr Contract:

We are a Yondr school. This simply means every student will be given a contract and a Yondr pouch to secure their phone while on the school premises. They will not be permitted to use or access their cell phone when they enter the building. They may unlock their pouch when they leave for the day. We have designated areas around the exits which allow students to unlock their pouch giving them access to their cell phone. We have used the pouches before, and they work. Please do not encourage your child to leave their phone on. You are contradicting our message of a “cell phone freezone.” This is done to protect everyone and keep our focus on creating a safe environment where academics are the main focus. Any and all emergency contact should be made from you to our main office. 


GAM System (Grades, Attendance and Messaging)


Similar to what I wrote in my previous email, GAM will be our main communication hub moving forward. The DOE has created this system for schools and parents to support each other in communication and monitoring our students' academic growth.  As the Principal, I will be able to text and send emails. In real time parents can monitor their child's attendance and grades. I am excited about GAM and truly believe it will be beneficial for our school community. Virtual Meetings will be held next week to assist everyone. Those dates and links will be shared next week. Follow instructions on the school website ( for instructions on how to register your NYCSA account. 




Chancellor Banks has shared with NYC schools his four Pillars of Success


Grading Policy

Over the next week, teachers should be sharing their individual grading policies with students and families.  Each department is responsible with the approval of the Assistant Principal and myself to create a meaningful grading policy that promotes success in a range of different areas.  All grading policies should be acknowledged by families.  If you have any questions regarding your child’s grading policy, please speak/email the teacher(s) directly.


Safety Drills


In the event of an emergency inside or close perimeter of the school building, we will be practicing a number of different drills (Evacuation and Lockdown) with our students this year. These drills are important and please remind your children to pay attention and take them seriously. 


NYC DOE School Year Calendar

After school and extracurricular activities


After we complete our first two weeks of school, we will begin to plan for after school clubs, sports activities and the specialized HS prep classes. We will also have ELA and Math test prep classes in both the morning and afternoon beginning later in the year. 

I'd like to thank you for your continued cooperation and support as we work towards another successful school year!   Thank you for two smooth days and enjoy your weekend! 





Principal Fitzgerald