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Computer Inventory Project


Dear Parent or Guardian,

The New York City Department of Education is performing a comprehensive inventory of all devices loaned to students. To achieve this, we’re asking for all devices to be brought to school from 2/8/2023, to perform a device inventory. Devices include desktops, laptops, and tablets.

How this impacts you

Throughout the pandemic, the DOE has loaned devices to the students; these devices must be brought back into the school on the days of the inventory. The devices will be verified they are in good functioning condition and returned to the student to be brought back home for continued learning.

What you need to do

Make sure that your child brings their DOE device with them to school from 2/8/2023. They do not need to bring accessories (for example, the power cord or keyboard). Please have your child bring the device to school even if it is broken or not in good condition. The DOE will look into replacing it under warranty.

What will happen to the device

A DOE vendor will scan the barcode on the device and return it to your child. This should only take a few seconds and the device will be returned to your child the same day. The device will have a sticker on it, indicating it has been scanned. Please do not remove this sticker. If you have any questions or concerns, please work with our school’s SPOC, Ms. Deninno at [email protected]


William Fitzgerald, Principal