Robert H. Goddard MS 202  

      Instructional Mission and Goals SY 20/21

The Council of Great City Schools  6 Instructional Principles

• Stick to grade-level content and instructional rigor
• Focus on the depth of instruction, rather than the pace
• Prioritize content and learning
• Maintain the inclusion of each and every learner
• Identify and address gaps in learning through instruction, avoiding the misuse of standardized testing to place kids into high or low ability groups or provide low levels of instructional rigor to lower performing students
• Focusing on the commonalities that students share in this time of crisis, not just on their differences.

District 27 Mission Statement 

It is our goal that all schools in the district exhibit rigorous and equitable opportunities for every student ensuring the development and strengthening of SCEWP:

Self-Regulation/Student Agency


Engagement and Empathy

Work Habits/Organization


MS 202 Mission Statement

     The mission of Robert H. Goddard Middle School is to provide all students with a comprehensive education with a particular emphasis on the Fine Arts (Band, Chorus, Visual Arts and Theater), so they are able to view the world through a holistic lens and be well prepared to greet the various challenges of college and career, as intrinsically motivated, socially conscious, and inspired individuals.

     This goal will be accomplished by providing all students with rigorous instruction through Common Core Standards driven lessons, developing and retaining highly effective teachers, infusing cutting edge technology into every classroom, as well as, advancing equity and inclusion for all students which will be made possible by a shared philosophy through a cultivated and vested partnership with all the stakeholders in the school community.

MS 202 Instructional Focus SY 20/21


To create a school environment that prioritizes the safety of all staff and students, while assuring that teaching programs are being developed to support high expectations for learning, with an emphasis on social and emotional well being during this challenging time.

MS 202 SCEP Goals SY 20/21


Goal ELA:  By June 2021, the Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) assessment will be given three times.  A score of 45% is considered reading/comprehending on grade level.  We expect to see a 3% increase is expected to be seen of time the DRP is given

Goal Math:  By June 2021, three internal assessments using NYC resources will be given. A passing score of 65% would be considered proficient on these in house assessments...A 10% increase is expected to be seen of time the assessment is given

Goal Chronic Absenteeism:  By June 2021, Chronic Absenteeism for Students with Disabilities will decrease 1.4%, 22.9% to 18.5% as measured by the NYSED Chronic Absenteeism Report

Goal Quality Individualized Education Program:  By June 2021, to strengthen the quality and implementation of IEP’s for All Students with Disabilities (SWD) we will improve the alignment across the PLOP, Annual Goals and strategically planned Recommended Programming...We plan to see a 10% increase to achieve a minimum of 80% alignment

Goal NYC School Survey: By June 2021, we expect to see a 10% increase in parent response rares on the NYC School Survey...We expect to improve parent responses to 83% this year as measured by NYC School Quality Guide Index

MS 202 Vision Statement for Racial Equity

By building teacher capacity in discussion and questioning practices and cultural responsiveness, we will support the literacy of all our students, specifically our Latino and African American subgroups. We will build students’ confidence and independence through student-centered learning. As a result of these practices, our Black and Latino students feel empowered to articulate their thoughts and question each other’s thinking in meaningful ways.