Grade 8 High School Information

Assistant Principal in charge of GRADE 8- Ms. Barton

Guidance in charge of GRADE 8- Ms. Lopez

Dean in charge of GRADE 8- Ms. Brennan


The high school application opens in October, and the deadline to apply is December 2, 2019. You can access a MySchools form(Open external link) now to get started. Here's what you can do now:

NEW! We’ve made a few updates to the high school admissions process!

These updates will not change how you apply to high school, how you get an offer, or where you get an offer. Here's what's new:

  • When you get your high school offer, you’ll also receive a list of programs where you’ve been waitlisted.
  • You’ll be automatically added to the waitlist of any program that you listed higher on your application than the program where you received an offer. Learn more in the Get Your High School Offer Letter section below.