Robert H. Goddard MS 202

Student artwork of self portraits

Principal: William Fitzgerald

138-30 Lafayette StreetOzone Park, New York 11417Phone: 718-848-0001Fax: 718-848-8082
Artwork of a crying face

September 11, 2001 "Never Forget"


School Year 2019/2020!

It's not too early to think about the NY State exams

ELA..............March 25th & March 26th

MATH...........April 22 & April 23rd

December 18 - District 27 Parent Coordinators meeting with Superintendent in the Library

December 19 - Harlem Magic Masters special assemblies for all students

December 20 - Leadership meeting, 7:20 am

December 20 - Periods 4,5,6 - Holiday luncheon in teachers' café.

December 23- January 1 - Winter recess

January 16 - PTA meeting, 6PM

January 20 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - school closed

January 31 - Leadership meeting, 7:20 am

February 17 - February 21 - School closed

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What Drives Us?


Chancellor’s Priorities and Initiatives

          1. Accelerate Learning and Instruction
          2. Partner with Communities
          3. Develop People
          4. 4. Advance Equity Now

Dr. Spencer’s Vision/D27

To ensure every student achieves mastery of grade level expectations in order to be ready for college and careers.

District Mission Statement

To ensure that schools exhibit rigorous and equitable opportunities for every student.


Self-Regulation/Student Agency- Communication/Collaboration- Engagement and Empathy- Work Habits/Organization- Persistence/Perseverance


By June of 2020, teachers will develop rigorous instruction in Mathematics as measured by a goal target of 117.6 as set by the NYS Report Card.

By June of 2020, chronic absenteeism of sub-groups will reach a goal target of 14 as set by the NYS Report Card.

By June of 2020, teachers will develop rigorous instruction in ELA as measured by a goal target of 158.7 as set by the NYS Report Card.

MS 202 Mission Statement

The mission of Robert H. Goddard Middle School is to provide all students with a comprehensive education with a particular emphasis on the Fine Arts (Band, Chorus, Visual Arts and Theater), so they are able to view the world through a holistic lens and be well prepared to greet the various challenges of college and career, as intrinsically motivated, socially conscious, and inspired individuals.

This goal will be accomplished by providing all students with rigorous instruction through Common Core Standards driven lessons, developing and retaining highly effective teachers, infusing cutting edge technology into every classroom, as well as, advancing equity and inclusion for all students which will be made possible by a shared philosophy through a cultivated and vested partnership with all the stakeholders in the school community.

MS 202 Focus/Vision Statement

Our focus is to develop effective and highly effective practices in questioning and discussion techniques to strengthen and build conversational and academic language knowledge.

MS 202 Instructional Absolutes

1. Learning Objectives/Learning targets- Every lesson, every class must have an individual L.O. Here we ask that teachers use...."by the end of the lesson SWBAT" (students will be able to).

2. Notice and Note strategies across all classrooms.

3. Word Gen across all classrooms to build vocabulary. (word wall, weekly Word Gen protocol)

4. Use of Questioning and Discussion strategies across all classrooms. (foster student discourse to build understanding and high order thinking)

5. Task Driven lessons to engage students to deepen thinking (productive struggle).


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