Robert H. Goddard MS 202

Principal: William Fitzgerald

138-30 Lafayette StreetOzone Park, New York 11417Phone: 718-848-0001Fax: 718-848-8082

September 11, 2001 "Never Forget"

Important Back to School Information

  • Students, parents and caregivers. It is very important to create a Pupilpath Account. We are working on using electronic means of communication. Please contact our Parent Coordinator Judy Rea for information. (718-848-0001 ext 1160)


Welcome Back to School Year 2019/2020!

  • Meet the Teacher Thursday, September 19th from 4:30-7:30
  • It's not too early to think about the NY State exams

ELA..............March 25th & March 26th

MATH...........April 22 & April 23rd

  • Sign on to Pupil Path See Judy Rea for Log in information
  • Return all back to school messages promptly
  • Continue to bring in school supplies

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What Drives Us?

ROBERT H. GODDARD MIDDLE SCHOOL 202 ~ 2019 – 2020 SY Chancellor’s Priorities and Initiatives1. Accelerate Learning and Instruction2. Partner with Communities3. Develop People4. Advance Equity Now

Dr. Spencer’s Vision/D27To ensure every student achieves mastery of grade level expectations in order to be ready for college and careers.
MS 202 Mission StatementThe mission of Robert H. Goddard Middle School is to provide all students with a comprehensive education with a particular emphasis on the Fine Arts (Band, Chorus, Visual Arts and Theater), so they are able to view the world through a holistic lens and be well prepared to greet the various challenges of college and career, as intrinsically motivated, socially conscious, and inspired individuals.This goal will be accomplished by providing all students with rigorous instruction through Common Core Standards driven lessons, developing and retaining highly effective teachers, infusing cutting edge technology into every classroom, as well as, advancing equity and inclusion for all students which will be made possible by a shared philosophy through a cultivated and vested partnership with all the stakeholders in the school community.
MS 202 Vision for Racial EquityBy building teacher capacity in discussion and questioning practices and cultural responsiveness, we will support the literacy of all our students, specifically our Latino and African American subgroups. We will build students’ confidence and independence through student-centered learning. As a result of these practices, our Black and Latino students feel empowered to articulate their thoughts and question each other’s thinking in meaningful ways.
MS 202 Focus/Vision Statement Our focus is to improve teacher capacity centered around question and discussion strategies across all classrooms, in order to support each student’s ability in demonstrating independence, building strong content knowledge and understand other perspectives and cultures through designing effective lessons to support student achievement.
MS 202 Instructional Absolutes1. Learning Objectives/Learning targets- Every lesson, every class must have an individual L.O. Here we ask that teachers use...."by the end of the lesson SWBAT" (students will be able to). 2. Technology infusion into lessons to support engagement. (Promethean board, ipads, laptops etc.)3. Word Gen word wall. 4. Check for understanding throughout the lesson (rubrics, formative, summative assessments, etc.).5. Student collaboration (grouping with a purpose, data driven, project based learning, accountable talk).
Framework for Great Schools Element- Rigorous InstructionBy June of 2019, teachers will develop rigorous instruction in Mathematics as measured by a 5% increase in student achievement in grades 6-8 as measured by Common Core aligned performance-based assessment, Edperformance.
Framework for Great Schools Element- Supportive EnvironmentBy June of 2019, all stakeholders will take a proactive approach to the social-emotional learning (SEL) of students and their overall well-being using the Second Step program resulting in a 10% increase in student responses on an internal survey that incorporates NYC Learning Environment Survey student questions.
Framework for Great Schools Element- Collaborative TeachersBy June 2019, all collaborative teacher teams will have completed purposeful Inquiry cycles aligned to MS 202’s shared vision, incorporating NYS assessment data and internal benchmark data where instruction will be tailored and monitored resulting in a 10% increase in the average Measures of Teacher Practice (MoTP) of teachers in Danielson Component 3b- Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques as measured by ADVANCE ratings during the 2018-2019 academic year.
Framework for Great Schools Element- Effective School LeadershipBy June 2019, leadership, along with instructional coaches, will plan targeted professional learning opportunities on engaging students in learning using data from classroom observations that will result in a 10% increase in the average Measures of Teacher Practice (MoTP) of teachers for Danielson Component 3c- Engagement as measured by ADVANCE ratings during the 2018-2019 academic year.
Framework for Great Schools Element- Strong Family and Community TiesBy June 2019, MS202 will improve family and parent involvement in the school community as evident by a 10% increase in attendance at both, Student-Led conferences and participation Academic Parent Teacher Team (APTT) meetings.


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