Dear Families of MS 202:

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Middle School 202. One of my roles in the school is to facilitate parental involvement. I do this by coordinating PTA meetings, hosting educational and informational workshops. But one of my most important tasks is to address your questions, concerns and issues that arise. I am your first point of contact within the school. I am here to help you navigate through your child’s academic and social progress at our school. It is my honor and privilege to guide, empower and inform you as a parent.


My expectations for this year are to heavily engage parents using technology and digital communication methods to foster maximum parent participation. By facilitating various workshops covering topics of interest and importance to you, coordinating meetings for parents to learn and collaborate, we will most certainly bridge the gap of social distancing by becoming a cohesive family together.

I encourage you to stay informed about your child’s education and support the school’s culture by attending all conferences, meetings and workshops. To keep you informed, news and updates are posted on our school’s website, (www.ms202q.org), our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/GoddardMS202/ through Pupilpath and Operoo.


Therefore, on behalf of all of us here at MS 202, we welcome you to a new and different school year. We hope that the challenges we are faced with, including the many restrictions placed upon us with the Covid crisis, will not dissuade you from being actively involved and participating. It is my hope that we can work through these challenges and maintain clear and open communication with each other.


Though I am presently working remotely, and you can’t call the school to reach me, I am just an email away (JRea2@schools.nyc.gov). I look forward to working with you, assisting you in any way I can and to ensure the academic and social success of your child.