Parent Coordinator

Judy Rea is the Parent Coordinator

Room 116

718-848-0001 ext. 1160

The most current parent related 202 information can be found on the Facebook Page

Letters, flyers, important dates, events, workshops, etc...

MS 202 PTA members

President: Grace DiNicolantonio

Treasurer: Diana Ammirati

Secretary: Marisol Perez

Secretary: Lizzie Looknauth

MS 202 Academic and Grading Policy

MS 202 Grading Policy

Beginning every school year subject specific grading policies are shared with both students and parents in the following ways:

1 Skedula/PupilPath (electronic)

2 Back pack grading policy letter home and to be returned for school to retain a signed copy

3 Classroom posting mandatory for both students and parents on open school occasions

4 Hand delivery on September back to school night

MS 202 uses a numerical grading policy

Report Cards are derived using the trimester model and are given to parents twice a year during 2 parent conferences and the final report card is given on the last day of school.

Report cards are generated and viewable electronically on PupilPath

SY 19/20 MS 202 has a social emotional learning period (SEL). This is a non-academic SEL period to promote the social well being of our students using the Second Step program and students receive a grade of P

Earth Science ACC Lab may elect to give a grade of P as they do in high school for the lab portion of the class

New or Recently Admitted Students: Students who enroll in a course after it has started may have missed assignments or assessments needed to generate a complete course grade for a given marking period. These students may be given a grade of ‘NL’ in STARS to indicate this circumstance. ‘NL’ does not have a pass/fail or numeric equivalent. Students who receive a grade of ‘NL’ must successfully complete remaining course requirements by the end of the semester following the termination of the course in order to receive a final grade.

No Shows: A grade of ‘NS’ is given to a student who fails to attend a course and does not participate in any of the work from which a grade can be derived. ‘NS’ has a pass/fail equivalent of fail and a default numeric equivalent of 45.36

MS 202 Grading Policies


Homework 10%

Assessments/Quizzes/Tests 20%

Writing/Portfolios 35%

Classwork/Participation 35%

(Reading: Code X, Notice & Note work/Independent Reading, MYON)


Projects/Labs 35%

Tests and Quizzes 30%

Classwork/Participation 25%

Homework 10%

Earth Science LAB ACC

Classwork/ participation 15%

Labs 85%


Tests 25%

Quizzes 15%

Classwork/Participation 25%

Homework 15%

Projects/ journal/tasks 20%

Visual Arts

Art Projects 55%

(hands on art projects)

Participation 20%

(procedures, use of class time, discussions)

Effort 15%

(creativity, critical thinking, reasoning)

Reflection 10%

(projects, students based)

Social Studies

Homework 15%

Classwork/Participation 30%

Exams 25%

Projects/Extended Essays 20%

Quizzes 10%

Foreign Language

Homework 15%

Classwork 25%

Assessments 20%

Participation 25%

Projects 15%


Participation Sportsmanship Prepared 100%


Homework 10%

Classwork 10%

Exams 10%

Participation 30%

Projects 40%


Participation GM 50%

Homework 10%

Tests 25%

Quizzes 15%


Participation Artistic Process 70%

Performance and Written Quizzes Tests 20%

Practice Homework Classwork Projects 10%


Portfolio Projects 50%

Classwork/Participation 30%

Quizzes/Tests 20%