Robert H. Goddard Middle School 202 Home

Principal’s Priority Focus Statement

To build capacity in making thinking visible, lesson planning, and rigorous instruction in order for students to master the NYS learning standards.

Aim for the Stars

Assembly Woman Pheffer speaking to 5 students
Assembly Woman Pheffer speaking to seated students with librarian Ms. Brier off to the side
2 boys and 2 girls seated listening to Assembly Woman
Assembly Woman Pheffer speaking to seated students
3 seated students reading a brochure from Assemblywoman
Principal, Librarian and students seated viewing Assembly Woman Pheffer presentation
Assembly Woman Pheffer in group photo with students from MS 202

News & Announcements

Happy last day of school with colorful images


Important information for SY 24/25

1- Link to supplies on home page tab
2- FYI about Back to school on home page tab
3- Summer assignments on home page tab


NYC Summer and Travel Safety Tips

Stay safe and healthy this summer! Below are some simple ways to protect your family’s health while in New
York City and traveling. Travelers may need to take extra precautions due to the increased risk of some
infections. For example, there are measles outbreaks in parts of Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa and
there is a large dengue outbreak in the Caribbean and Central and South America. Read on to protect yourself
against these and other infections:

What’s Happening in NYC Public Schools

Week of May 27, 2024
This Family Update provides important information about summer school, Summer Meals, summer
athletics programming, opportunities and support for high school students, and resources to support families in continuing to build reading skills all year long.