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Mission / Focus / Priorities

Chancellor Banks’ Four Pillars for Building Trust:


Reimagine the student experience
Scaling, sustaining and restoring what works
Prioritize wellness and its link to student success
Engaging families to be our true partner


Principal Fitzgerald’s Priority Focus Statement:

The school-wide focus of Robert H. Goddard Middle School is to prepare our students with rigorous, inclusive, and equitable instruction that fosters the growth of real world knowledge, skills, and application opportunities to prepare them for the responsibilities of being a fair and just leader in a global society.


MS 202 Instructional Absolutes:  

Strengthening our classroom discussion and questioning practice •  Clear success criteria for lessons•  Promoting the use of all the technology resources to engage students in learning•  Check for understanding evident across all classrooms.•  Introducing programs (i.e. CHARACTER STRONG, Word Gen etc.) to promote social and emotional learning while encouraging student voice.

MS 202 Instructional Focus:

The instructional focus of Robert H. Goddard Middle School is to collaborate with all stakeholders in creating an environment that provides rigorous, thought-provoking instruction driven by the Next Generation Standards.  This will be done by infusing literacy in all content areas, utilizing data to identify areas of need and developing lessons that analyze real-world issues from multiple perspectives so that our students will be better prepared for college, the work world, and beyond.