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Mission / Focus / Priorities

Chancellor Banks’ Four Pillars for Building Trust

  1. Reimagine the student experience
  2. Scaling, sustaining, and restoring what works
  3. Prioritize wellness and its link to student success
  4. Engaging families to be our true partner

 District 27 Vision/Mission

Vision:  In Community School District 27, all students have the knowledge and real-world skills that deepen their understanding of how the importance of civic and global citizenship and lifelong learning strategies impact academic success and career pathways.

Mission:  The mission of Community School District 27 is to collaborate with stakeholders to reimagine our shared purpose and approach to teaching and learning as a springboard for equitable and quality instructional experiences that are grounded in data, social-emotional learning, the science of reading, writing and the conceptual understanding of mathematical thinking on all grade levels.

Robert H. Goddard MS 202 Mission Statement

The mission of Robert H. Goddard Middle School is to prepare our students for the rigorous demands of the academic and work worlds so that they reach their potential as self-directed, creative, and socially responsible individuals.  This goal will be accomplished by excellence in teaching, utilizing technology, and applied learning made stronger through active partnerships with parents and the community.

Principal Focus/Priority Statement

To build capacity in making thinking visible, lesson planning, and rigorous instruction in order for students to master the NYS learning standards.

Instructional Focus Statement SY 23-24

Students will engage in classroom discussions across all content areas to help build self-confidence and independent thinking, ultimately preparing them for the challenges of high school and beyond.