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Mission / Focus / Priorities

Principal Fitzgerald’s Priority Focus Statement:

Principal will build capacity through the Instructional Leadership Team, Equity Team and teacher teams to develop coherent, rigorous instruction grounded in real world experiences while promoting Culturally Responsive  Sustaining Education (CR SE) and Social Emotional Academic Learning (SEAL) practices across all classrooms. 

MS 202 Instructional Absolutes:  

Strengthening our classroom discussion and questioning practice •  Clear success criteria for lessons•  Promoting the use of all the technology resources to engage students in learning•  Check for understanding evident across all classrooms.•  Introducing programs (i.e. CHARACTER STRONG, Word Gen etc.) to promote social and emotional learning while encouraging student voice.

MS 202 Instructional Focus:

Teachers will prioritize classroom activities focusing on questioning and discussion techniques to leverage learning while continuing to emphasize the importance of (SEAL) Social Emotional Academic Learning and (CR-SE) Culturally Responsive  Sustaining Education.

DOE Instructional Principles:

High expectations and rigorous instruction
Welcoming and affirming school environment
Inclusive curricula and assessments
Ongoing and targeted PL communities