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Online Payment Form: Grade 8 Senior Dues SY 23/24

Online Payment Form:  Grade 8 Senior Dues

DUE May 10, 2024


This year's commencement excercises will be hosted at St. John's University on Friday, June 14th at 9:00 am. Dues will be collected to cover the cost of graduation and other related costs.

8th Grade Graduation fees include the following:

  • St. John's Auditorium rental
  • Full color yearbook
  • Cap, gown, tassel, disploma case, and program
  • Senior T-Shirt
  • Senior barbeque

COST: $110.00

IMPORTANT:  Fees for the senior trip and prom ARE NOT included in the graduation fee.  Senior Dues must be paid before the senior trip and prom.


NOTE:  A small service/convenience fee charged by Edlio is added to the final cost. If your dues need to be refunded, a refund will only include the cost of the dues and will not include the service fee.

No partial dues or substitutions.

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Price: $110.00
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