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FYI School Year 2024/2025



1-  When is the first day of school for students?

The first day of school is Thursday, Sep 5th, 2024.


2-  What time is the first day of school for students?

The school day begins at 8:00 and ends at 2:20.


3-  What time is the school day?

Breakfast is optional at 7:30-  The school day begins at 8:00 and ends at 2:20.  Students are expected to be walking in by 8:00 to proceed to their homeroom.


4-  When will students get class assignments?

The class assignments may be on Teach Hub, Google Classroom, Parent NYCSAA account, but staff will have classes on the first day to assist outside


5-  What school supplies do we need?

In middle school your child may have many teachers.  A supply list is posted on the school web site Home page.


6-  Do students wear a uniform?

No uniform.  Students should still dress appropriately for school.


7-  Is there a gym uniform?

No uniform but students should wear appropriate clothes on the days that they have gym.


8-  Where does my 6th grader go on the first day of school?

You should enter through the front of the building on Lafayette Street.  There will be several staff members to assist you.


9-  Where does my 7th grader go on the first day of school?

Grade 7 may either meet in the gym or school cafeteria (TBA). Staff in the front main entrance will guide you.


10-  Where does my 8th grader go on the first day of school?

You will enter around the back of the school to the school yard. Staff will be on hand to direct you.


11-  Where does my child get dismissed? Make arrangements with your child if they will be walking or get picked up.  Grade 6 typically will be dismissed exits 5 & 6 on 149th Avenue. MTA buses may be at the front of the building; however, it is to be determined whether they will be available for the first week. Students will get Metro cards during the month of September. Metro cards only granted based on home address on file.


Be prepared, It will be very crowded and a lot of traffic, especially the first several weeks.



12- I am nervous about my child going to middle school, can you offer any advice?

We have a very experienced middle school staff.  Each grade will have a team that consists of an Assistant Principal, Dean, Guidance Counselor and Social Worker.  These staff members along with your child’s teachers will be interacting with them every day in class and during lunch. The main grade team will follow your child to grade 8 graduation!


13-  How does the school communicate with me?

School messenger for verbal phone messages, JUPITER ED/Teach Hub for grades, Web site for general back packed letters and staff emails.  Additionally teachers may use Class Dojo, Remind, Talking Points, etc…


It is very important to complete ALL contact blue card items.